2.5 Months Price

How To Fix The Problem

Eliminate Deficiencies & Insufficiencies

Kill the Infections

Remove Toxin Overload

Reduce Inflammation

Repair & Seal the Gut

What You Will Get In This Program

  • Identifying a well laid out plan for Fat loss vs Weightloss.
  • Understanding prior personal history for weightgain & other conditions . Collation of all medical history and blood tests.
  • Investigating food sensitivities, intolerances & allergies.
  • Identifying root cause for the following if any – bloating / acidity / IBS/ constipation. Celiac disease/ Crohns / migraines/ Gerd/ Sibo / H Pylori infections.
  • A step by step structure for meal planning and habit formation.
  • Yoga routines designed by Shivani Bajwa and follow ups by our In house Yoga trainers online.
  • Understanding ways to reduce stress and improve sleep patterns.
  • Easy to do fat burning exercising routines and walking trackers.
  • Rest & Reset with Yoga Nidra Sessions with Shivani Bajwa.
  • Improving Sleep and reducing Stress / anxiety by adding certain superfoods / Supplements and enhancing overall energy levels.
  • Improving overall metabolism for life and making you a FAT BURNING MACHINE.
  • Understanding Pillars of a Healthy Digestive System.
  • The Gut -brain axis for rebalanced emotional health.
  • Weightloss and it’s many facets.
  • Empowering information to help identify the root cause for many conditions like bloating , acidity , IBS , migraines , depression.
  • Understanding ways to reduce stress and improve sleep patterns.
  • Reigniting the overall metabolism & energy levels.

Price: ₹ 42500/-