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At YogaSutra Holistic Living , Our Founder , Shivani Bajwa ( Restorative Yoga Specialist & Functional Medicine Health Coach) has created a team working on a biology based approach to investigate root cause of specific Health Conditions ranging from Hypertension , High Blood Pressure , Stubborn Weightgain , Hormonal Imbalance , digestive issues, Thyroid , Diabetes , Womens Health & so much more .

Did you know your Gut is your second Brain?

A meticulous program designed to investigate the symptoms of poor gut health & digestive issues/ infections/ Acidity/ bloating/ Gas/ Constipation / IBS Creating clear gut personal objectives & goals Tracking meal plans laid out by team nutritionists Tracking on meal plans laid out by team nutritionists Rebalance emotional health with restful Yoga sequences & yoga Nidra for chronic fatigue
A step-by-step structure for meal planning and habit formation. Yoga routines designed by Shivani Bajwa and follow-ups by our In house Yoga trainers online Understanding ways to reduce stress and improve sleep patterns. Easy to do fat burning exercising routines and walking trackers Rest & Reset with Yoga Nidra Sessions with Shivani Bajwa

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How to Cure Digestive Problems permanently?
What is a healthy weight loss?
How to calm anxiety attacks?

I can help you if you choose to put your health first

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